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Jill Brown has over 15 years of experience in the field of photography. She has studied photography at Missouri State University and Maryville University, St. Louis. She spent time working on her personal fine art work for many years and in 2003 started her first wedding and portrait photography business in St. Louis, MO. Jill moved to Des Moines, IA in 2005 and has continued her wedding and portrait business along with her fine art photography. Jill currently has work displayed in and around the Des Moines area as well as work in personal collections around the world. Jill uses both medium format film cameras and digital formats to create her images. This is how the artist describes her work: “My work is a reflection of everyday life and places. I chose the medium of photography as a tool to capture the essence of the person or place. I create images to depict the subject as they are remembered in the mind. Not posed or unnatural, but as a window into the intimate world of the subject.” Jill Brown is a member of Professional Photographers of America.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainy days are coming...

There are some rainy days coming. With out watching the weather, you can tell. It's gradually getting warmer and the wind has picked up to an uncomfortable gust. I sure hope that the weather holds off on Friday for Rebecca and Chase. If Mother Nature decides not to play nice, we will have to strap on our rain boots and maybe even get a shot or two of the bride and groom in a parting rainstorm under a big black umbrella ~ now I just need to find one!

Rainy-day puddle splashing

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