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Jill Brown has over 15 years of experience in the field of photography. She has studied photography at Missouri State University and Maryville University, St. Louis. She spent time working on her personal fine art work for many years and in 2003 started her first wedding and portrait photography business in St. Louis, MO. Jill moved to Des Moines, IA in 2005 and has continued her wedding and portrait business along with her fine art photography. Jill currently has work displayed in and around the Des Moines area as well as work in personal collections around the world. Jill uses both medium format film cameras and digital formats to create her images. This is how the artist describes her work: “My work is a reflection of everyday life and places. I chose the medium of photography as a tool to capture the essence of the person or place. I create images to depict the subject as they are remembered in the mind. Not posed or unnatural, but as a window into the intimate world of the subject.” Jill Brown is a member of Professional Photographers of America.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Odds and Ends...

A few days ago I gave a shout-out to my facebook friends asking for good rhubarb recipes and one of them was a recipe for Rhubarb Liqueur.  Last night I started the process.  There are two different batches:  One has chopped rhubarb and the other had "food-processed" rhubarb.  We will see which gives the best flavor.  I am looking forward to tasting it.  I'm thinking that there might not be much better than a sweet rhubarb beverage on a cool late spring evening.  :)

Rhubarb Liqueur...

On another note... it has been 3 months and 4 days since I quit smoking... YES!  I don't miss it one single bit.  Well, maybe when I'm hanging with friends and drinking good drinks late at night... then I miss it.  BUT... I am SO GLAD that I quit smoking.  I feel better, I don't smell like smoke, I'm not wasting all that money, my kids stopped nagging me to quit smoking.  It's great.  YEAH to 3 months and 4 days!


This morning was a crazy morning.  First a bit of good news... Skye made it through the entire night without having to go outside!  YES!  Bad news - he walked to the first green he saw, which was my wool rug in the living room, and peed.  UG.  Then, the "kitchen dogs" (Otis the Dachshund and Stinky the Chihuahua) made a HUGE mess in the kitchen.  (You see they are 'puppy-pad trained' - they refuse to go outside regularly.)  SO, my day started with picking up dog messes from all three dogs.  I put Skye in the kennel so I could clean up messes, make some tea, etc.  As I was walking down stairs to get Skye out of his kennel, I noticed that the cat puked up his food on the floor at the front door.  Cleaned that up.  Then went to get Skye... he pooped mushy puppy poop all over his kennel.  UG! He had poop all over his kennel and all over him.  Kennel went outside to get hosed off and Skye went to the bathroom for his first bath.  UG.

Now, I envisioned Skye's first bath to be momentous... you know camera, everyone ooo-ing and aahhh-ing, tails wagging.  Not the "OMg I can't believe I am having this kind of morning" bath with a puppy whining the whole time.  Oh well - this is real life - right?  :)  Needless to say, I have a clean dog but no a photo of the occasion to share.

My house is back to normal (for the moment).  Messes are cleaned up, dogs are cleaned and fed, cat is outside, laundry is running, kids are off to school... ahhhhh...  :)

Here is a bit of Skye "eye-candy"...  Happy Friday!!



Becky Jo said...

Oh good gravy, Jill. What a morning! I think you need a beverage... you know.. it's Friday and all. :)

P.S. Congrats on quitting smoking! Do you notice that food smells/tastes better now? That's the first thing Brian commented on about not smoking. :)

Jill A. Brown said...

I DO need an adult beverage! Wanna some over and have one with me?

Yes.. food does smell and taste better. I am so very glad that I quick smoking.

You know what the funny thing is? I have made quitting smoking a new year resolution every year until this year... and this year I quit. Crazy!

Becky Jo said...

I'd love to come over and hang out, but YOU'RE off work. Why don't YOU come over and hang out... and play in clay! :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

JILL, oh no on the bathtub and all, ewww! But so totally ordinary in a puppy's life I guess...dang, you're making homebrew?

Jill A. Brown said...

Yeah! It's kinda a home-brew. I didn't make the vodka that the rhubarb is soaking in, but in the end I will have made the Rhubarb Liqueur. ;) YUM!