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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Date:  April 22, 2010 (Earth Day!)
Location:  All over central Iowa!

So my friend Becky is a potter AND a trucker.  Yep...she's a trucker too!  Anyway, a while back when we were having hot pot together with friends, I asked if I could ride along with her.  So, last Thursday I went and it was FUN!

I wanted to insert a video of "Truckin'" from a 1972 Grateful Dead concert here, but I couldn't figure out how to put it in the blog, so you'll just have to go visit it here.

Anyway... it was a very fun and educational day.  I am a city-girl and don't know a whole lot about trucking much less farming.  You see, Becky drives a truck for her family's farm.  

I learned where she grew up - her house that she lives in now used to be located where an elementary school is now.  She showed me the tree still on the school grounds where her treehouse and tire swing used to be and I found out that some of the subdivisions near the school were named after her family since all that land used to be her family's farm. 

I learned why they put liquid nitrogen on the ground.  (Side note:  apparently this is not the same liquid nitrogen that will instantly freeze something.  This stuff is thick and sticky).  The nitrogen is sprayed into the dirt when they plow so that they can put nitrogen back into the soil - the corn just loves it and it makes it grow big and strong.  :)

I learned that Becky can drive a truck... and I mean a big ol' 80,000 lbs truck.  And she can back the sucker up, around a curve.  I have to say I was a bit nervous and tried not to close my eyes.  I for sure trust that girl driving.  She is careful as can be.  

I learned all kinds of stuff... some of it didn't stick.  LOL.  So, if you are reading this and a question strikes you... ask it in the comments!  I am sure Becky will answer you!

Becky on top of the truck filling it with nitrogen



I don't remember this person's name, but he is very nice.  He works at the place we loaded the nitrogen.

And yeah... Becky's truck weighed 79,280 lbs after it was loaded - whoa.

This is out a the fields.  Becky's cousin is on top of the tank loading the nitrogen so it can be sprayed on the fields.  (He's actually on his cell phone - heehee)

The fields.

These break up the dirt.

Becky on her truck - again.

Hi Becky!

BIG tractor.

Ok, so now they are planting the corn.  

Here's what the corn and fertilizer look like.

These put the corn in the dirt.

The put talc on the corn so it doesn't get clogged.

I had a FUN time hanging out with Becky.  I plan on doing it again in the fall for harvest!  THANKS BECKY!!  :)


Becky Jo said...

Fantastic write up, Jill! I love it that you had fun, and that I didn't scare the bejesus out of you. I know the truck can be scary at first, but the brakes work, believe me! It will be so fun to have you out for harvest, now that you've seen the fields empty... it'll be so different to see the same fields full of crop. :)

Thanks again, and you're welcomed to come truckin' with me whenever you want. :)

Gary's third pottery blog said...

HOLY CATS!!!! Jill, SUPERB post and pics. I can see that you would be mighty tired at the end of the day after all of that.

Tina F said...

Being from a farm myself, I LOVED the pics!! Anytime you want to make a trip to the Frideres farm you let me know. You can ride in the combine with Dad this fall!! Great job as always, Jill.

Grandma's Garden said...

Jill! Although I've never met you, I seem to know you through Becky. She talks about you and suggested I check out your blog. I love your pix, they bring back lots of memories, although Becky was just a baby then! Yes, I'm her Mom and I'm a great fan of her driving AND her pottery! You have done her justice with your writeup and photo gallery! Thanks so much!!

Jill A. Brown said...

Hey Becky's Mama! Thanks. I am glad that it brought back some good memories. By the way - we have met! I met you at the Craft Show at the Fair Grounds earlier this year! It was actually the first time I had met Becky. :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I love it when new people stop by! :)

Becky is such an awesome girl and I am so glad I met her. :)

I hope to meet you again soon!